MKV file doesn't work on USB (unsupported format), does work over WiFi

I have a USB drive formatted to NTFS so that it could accommodate a 4.6GB MKV file. ’

For some reason, the WDTV won’t run the MKV file on the USB. It says it’s an unsupported format. Meanwhile, the same exact MKV file can run from WiFi. (The problem is, I can’t run the entire file because of choppiness, so I must put it on a USB drive.).

Why isn’t it working properly?

Can you play other files on that USB drive?

Good call. No, apparently not.

Is the USB drive, then, not compatible with the player? It’s an HP v125w, I believe (8GB drive).

And if it’s not, do you know any USB thumb drives that are compatible instead?

People have been sharing their findings on USB flash drive support in this thread:

There are many that are reported to work but also a number that apparently don’t.  Check it out and, if possible, create a reply in that thread mentioning that your HP drive doesn’t so that others may benefit.  ;)

Thanks. Bummer that it doesn’t work but I’m glad I could find another one that does!