MKV don't show up


I got all network worked out easy. Had to put IP adress, passerell and DNS manually but this no pain for me. Sharing was a bit tough with Win7 but everything went good after a bit working patiently. But one big bugg remain : WDTV Libe will show all AVI on network drive shared but no MKV? Plugg the drive directly in the WD TV and they shows, and plays… why do they cannot show in shared drive???

It sounds like you’re using MEDIA SERVERs instead of NETWORK SHARES?

Which menu items are you clicking on the WDTV to get the list of files?

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Well, I just discovered this by myself and back on forum I read your reply : you are right on! But… now I am trying to get any “network share” and… it’s a hell with Win7! I went for solution on forum and Web and just been mixed up more and more for an hour. I’ll try again tomorrow : got a any good link about that?

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