MKV (AVC H.264) file with AAC audio not playing audio?

Just ran into an MKV that wouldn’t play the audio track.  The Live Hub said it was AAC audio, but it refused to output any audio to my receiver.  (Pioneer SC-37, it does all the formats known to humans)

Plays perfectly well on my PC.   Zoomplayer reports the audio as AAC 5.1 Audio.

Video is AVC H.264 in an MKV container if that makes any difference.

Has anyone had luck with 5.1 AAC on the Western Digital?  Or am I alone with this problem?


Since almost no receivers accept AAC, do any of the WDTV devices actually say they output AAC over HDMI or SPDIF?

I thought they only output AC3 and DTS as digital.

It seems as if when you were making the .mkv, you would have been better off just passing through the AC3 and/or DTS instead of bothering to convert it to AAC.

Same here…  I snatched a Movie series from IPTorrents and all five movies were encoded with 5.1AAC…  In the comments section this is what was posted:

“sportster160: issues with aac 5.1 is on the top of WDTV bug list. Solution - 720p version with stereo sound or mux sound from 720p with the video of 1080p.”

…yeah right!!  I’ll just wait until they hit the torrent site with the proper audio!!

Hope this info helped!  Regards…

I suspect the Pioneer SC-37 supports stereo AAC but not 5.1; all the marketing info refers to music playback, never in a film context.

My solution to AAC 5.1 is to run the file through Popcorn MKV Audio Converter. You can convert it to AC3 and output a new MKV, whilst retaining (or removing) the AAC track.

Okay, bet that…  I’ll give it a try!!  I’ll try first with TSRemux… that should do it.  Mind you though, this is the first movie ever that I have tried and failed with regard to audio and WD TV products, but I am also ruinning a Pioneer 7.1 system…  VSX-1019AH.  Will keep you posted!

I’m going to try that too (Popcorn MKV Audio Converter)  and will report back.

you can just change audio output to stereo… then you’ll lose the 5.1 probably but atleast you won’t have to deal with converting and all that.

That’s an even better solution - thanks very much.