MKV and MP4 no audio on some files using latest firmware 1.04.17_B live plus


     I was wondering if anybody else is having the same difficulty as I am on the live plus on the latest firmware. I have like 30 or so .mkv or mp4 files and some of them play the audio fine and some don’t. I have read on other threads about the header issue but it says it was fixed so I don’t think it’s that. Also sometimes the files play fine one day and the next it has no audio. It only happens with .mkv and mp4 so far, .dixv, and .avi seem unaffected so far. Any suggestions? I have already done the reset to default settings and it still doesn’t fix it.

Thanks in advance!

Post the Media Info of few of your movies, this way we see if the issue is with an unsupported audio codec.