Mksapkg-os5 packaging

we used to use “mksapkg-os3” to do the packaging, but right now the NAS devices( MyCloudPR2100, WDMyCloudEX2100) were updated to OS5. Our build script used to work properly. when our app is installed on the device, in the installed apps, our app can be seen, and also beside the string of our app name, there is an icon shown. But when we packaged with the same script and necessary files, just changed with the os-5 package tool “mksapkg-os5”, the install package can still be successfully generated. But after the app is installed on the device, the icon is not shown in the same place. when inspect it in a browser, we can see the path to the icon is different between the old one and the new one. In the new one, the “/apps” is added in the path to the icon.
e.g. the old path, which is the correct path is:
img src="/MyAppName/MyAppName.png" border=“0” style=“height: 40px;”
the new one is:
img src="/apps/MyAppName/MyAppName.png" border=“0” style=“height: 40px;”

I don’t know where is making the change. I looked through the script files:,,,,,
I did not see anything related, and all the necessary file are in the same place including the icon file. In the apkg.xml there is a line:

In the apkg.rc, there is a line:
Icon: MyAppName.png

All seems correct. I think we must have missed some settings for the “mksapkg-os5”, who can point out where and how ?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks! This solution is cool.