Mklink and german umlaut (special characters) does not work anymore

With my old WD NAS (Mybook Live Duo) I created symbolic links to add mybook shares into the windows user libraries with:

mklink /d C:\folder \\<NAS>\<share>

Now I have a new My Cloud EX2 and I can also create such symbolic links but german umlaut does not work anymore. When I try to browse my shares through the folder created with mklink I can not open folders like “Töne” or “Kurfürsten” because of the characters ö and ü I guess. I always get an error message “The path is not available”.

When I open such folders via UNC path it works but I need a solution with mklink because e.g. Adobe Lightroom does not open catalog files on a network (UNC) path.

I tried subst <drive>: \\<NAS>\<share>. Unfortunately this is not fully working on Windows 10 (problems with restart or sometime it is not working at all)

I would be happy if anybody could provide me a solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance,


What firmware are you running on the EX2? If you get the latest firmware and stills the same, try contacting WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

WD Contact info: