Mixing HDD

Hi. I had 4 x 3TB Toshiba MG03ACA300 Enterprise Hard Drives and one died/failed. Finding it hard to get a replacement at a good price. Can I use other HDD, enterprise or close to such grade with the existing ones?

Technically, yes you can mix drives, although it is not recommended. You can run into different drive timings and sector issues so the RAID won’t align properly. If the 3 drives currently work in a RAID5, we would suggest transferring the data to another location then starting over with 4 new drives that are all the same drives with a new RAID5.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the replacement options of the working 3 drives is an expensive option. I guess then the next best option is to match drive speeds and cache etc as close as possible to the existing ones? I’m running it in RAID 10 configuration.

There is definitely no support in trying that solution. We don’t recommend it because you’re supposed to use all the same drives in a hardware RAID.