Mixed Drive Size on JBOD

I just got an EX2 Ultra, and put 2x3TB drives in from my old media player, and 1 drive shows as bad. Did a repair and working, but then the red light came back on and says bad again. Also makes an intermittent “chirchirp” noise.

I also have 2 external 3TB drives and I do a mirror backup copy of each drive, which is why I setup the system as JBOD not RAID. 1 drive movies, 1 drive tv series.

I was thinking of buying a pair of new 3TB WD Red drives for the EX2, toss the bad one, keep one as a backup drive… but, drives are close to full. I don’t have the money to buy 4x4TB drives (2 in the NAS and 2 for mirror backups) but maybe slowly upgrade to 4TB?

I could get a 4TB for the NAS for the movie drive, and a 4TB for the backup externally… then later in the year, switch the other two.

Will the NAS work with 1x4TB and 1x3TB? JBOD not RAID?

Yes, it will work with two different capacity drives. Because it will work as Individual drive system under JBOD so you can utilize complete drive capacity.

Ha… thanks, but too late. :smiley:

Found the 4Tb on sale super cheap, and although really didn’t wanna do it all at once ($$$) I ended up saving a bunch buying them now.

Bought 4x4TB Western Digital Blue drives. RED NAS were more money and for a media server, I didn’t see the advantage really. I could see it if constantly used but multiple people, but personal use streaming videos, I couldn’t justify the extra $40/drive. :slight_smile: