Mix WD Black and WD Gold in Mdadm - Raid

Hello !
I have 8 WD Blacks (all 2TB) on 2 Raid 10 - Arrays running on Gentoo-Linux.
On top, there are VMs with Windowsworkstations.
I wonder if I from now on can replace bad WD-Blacks with new WD-Golds,
either 2 TB or 4 TB on this Softraid – without having trouble ?

Hi GentooUser ,

If you are looking to change the bad WD Black drives of 2TB with WD Gold drives of either 2TB or 4TB, it wont work. It will degrade the RAID and ended up in losing the data. However, you can change the bad WD Black drives of 2TB with same WD Black drives of same capacity in order to make it work.


Wow… really? I bought 2 blacks for our server a month ago and now realize Gold would have been the way to go - we’re planning on rebuilding it into a RAID 10 by adding two more but I wanted to use Golds instead and start moving that way.