[MITIGATED] 4 USB drives -- all look the same in 'Eject' taskbar tool


I have 4, 4TB WD USB drives that I’m configuring into a JBOD.

For several reasons, instead of using drive letters, I’ve mounted them to drive D: as

In case you don’t know about mounting drives (instead of using drive letters), read these:
From How-To Geek:

From Microsoft (harder to read):

My problem is that, when I want to eject one of them, and I click on the ‘Eject’ tool icon on the Windows taskbar, the drives displayed are:
Eject easystore 25FA
Eject easystore 25FA
Eject easystore 25FA
Eject easystore 25FA

Do you see the problem? … I can’t tell which is which!

When the drives had drive letters, the drive letters were listed. But now that the drives are mounted without drive letters, there’s no way to tell one from the other. I wind up having to eject all of them, then unplug all of them, then plug them back in (except for the one I don’t want). That’s quite tedious.

Microsoft apparently did not think out all the possible issues of drive mounting – drive mounting’s been around since Vista (would you believe it?). This is an issue for me because all 4 drives are the same model, so there’s no telling them apart.

Or is there? Do YOU know a way to differentiate them in the ‘Eject’ taskbar tool?

Just use a 3rd party program … eg.USB Disk Ejector which 100% Free & only 1.6 Megabytes and does not require installation. (create a shortcut to the .exe and pin it to your taskbar or put it on the desktop)


it will display the Drive Letter / Drive Identifier / Drive Label



Thanks, Joey. I downloaded it and checked it at VirusTotal (it passed), and copied it to my small apps folder. It solves the problem by showing both the various mount points and the disk lables. Thanks again.