Missing wireless after formart

I have My Passport Wireless SSD. After formart, I do not see darboard, wifi name, IP,… I can not connect wireles (Trully it hasn’not wifi ‘My Passport’) although SD card copy and connect USB is fine.
All of folder was lost. How can I restore as new ?
Please help me.
Thank you so much

Reformatting the drive will wipe out all your folders. If you are not able to see the Wireless SSID of your MPW SSD, try refreshing your phone/computer’s Wi-Fi listing as sometimes it may be cached. You can also try resetting your MPW SSD system settings to factory default. You can see how to do that in the user manual.

How can I reset to default ? I can not access to daboard. I also tried keep power on in 10 second but it could not.

Here is a KB article on how to restore the MPW SSD:


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Thank you so much. Every is fixed