Missing Videos

I have a 4TB MY Cloud with 3 8TB drives plugged into it. On one drive I am missing 50 movies. I am the only one that uses it and I didn’t delete them. How can I find out what happened to them ?

No one has any ideas ?

dunno ? maybe there’s some information in the system report log files ?

See Post by user Bennor: Activity logs

p.s. i also have a lot of movies … i don’t wanna lose them, so i have them backed up onto other hard drives in case of hdd failure, deletion or mysteriously disappearing.:confused:

Yes I have them backed up. But the other drives are at my vacation home and will not have access to them till spring. Thanks for the info for system logs

Well I opened up the dash board clicked on question mark clicked on support clicked on Create and Save and nothing happens

I just tested it on my 2TB WD My Cloud (no attached usb storage) just now … it takes a few minutes then eventually prompts to save a ZIP file containing all the Activity Log data to your PC.

Your 4TB MY Cloud with a total of 24TB of attached external storage is gonna take a lot longer … have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper and do a crossword puzzle to kill the time.

I will say though, there’s a heck of a lot of folders and files to sift through and i personally wouldn’t know which one is the one that contains the relevant log data :confused:

I let it run for 3 hours and nothing happened

bummer, don’t know why it not working for you ? … oh well, at least you’ll be able to get the movies back next spring vacation.
sorry, out i’m of ideas :confused: