Missing Thumbnails....has there been any progress on this issue

It has been almost a year and don`t see that there has been any progress on the thumbnails that are missing from movies loaded. There was a time I could load the thumb and the xml file and all would be good. Sigh…

Just wondering 

Yeah! Coders messed that up in FW 2.08 and I doubt it will get back to the way it used to be. It is really a kick in the head for the most excellent themers in the community. Now the only way to enjoy their themes is to roll back to a previous FW supported by the theme.

What exactly does that mean.  I am guessing this refers to the view where .jpg files of the movies are displayed along the bottom of the screen.  I reverted to the last stable release that this still worked in which was 2.07.17 and disabled automatic updating of the firmware.  My question is does this latest firmware release 3.01.19 still break that.  If the answer is Yes than my answer to upgrading to it is No.

Yes, the most recent FW update still break this. It make folder thumbnails very pixelated and really mess up TV episodes thumbnails. So it better to stick with FW 2.07 if you are to use any themes from the community. There are some nice new features which have been added to the newer FW, but I can live without them. Just a matter of personal preference, I suppose.