Missing sourcecode of binary usbmount

i am investigating a mount error and i stumbled across the binary /usr/sbin/usbmount which mounts connected usb drives and adds them to the WD environment.

I have a 2 Bay external USB drive, which only mounts 1 drive. (i already submitted a bug report here: Connecting external USB 3.0 2-bay dock to MyCloud EX2 - only one drive is mounted )

I want to enable mounting of this drive and as WD didn’t respond to the bug report (ignored it) and probably wont fix this i try to fix this issue myself.
I downloaded the current source code of the ex2 and i noticed that there are no sources of nearly all binaries included in the package.

Please release the source code of this files, otherwise you cant call the WDMyCloud open source.
Thank you.

They don’t call it open source.
The only files they have to include in the GPL package are the one that are, indeed, open sources.

The custom libraries written by WD don’t full under that requirement.