Missing sound through hdmi, I just found the solution, thanks mkelley

WD TV Live player has forced me to learn a lot about videos and cables.

My story started when buying my first WD TV Player in which my hdmi connection did not work. Only component worked together with my Sony Bravia 3 TV. I thought I had a faulty TV.

Bought a player for a friend for her new Sony Bravia 2 TV. Hdmi worked with her TV.

I returned my player and got a new one.

Chosing which box to take was like gambling. In which box are there a functional WD TV Live player?

I got home and plugged it into my Sony Bravia 3 1080p TV.

I have a lot of different videofiles which I tested through the player.

mp4 was OK,

480p avi compressed with xvid was OK, wmv was OK,

720p avi compressed with xvid and with music replacing original sound was OK.

720p compressed with xvid with original sound did not have any sound.

I have scanned thís site for information and tried all suggestions. Found that the player played well at my friend on her new Sony Bravia2 TV but not on my TV. Why? Resetting the TV to factory settings did not help.

I was on my way to put in a post in this forum when I read mkellys advice in an other post that you should change “hdmi auto” to real resolution and frequenzy. Since I live in Sweden I changed to hdmi 1080p and 50hz.

Incredible!! Now I got sound in all of my video files! I can not understand why this resolution should affect sound but it did!

Thanks mkelley!

You saved my night.


Have you checked to see if there’s a firmware update for your TV?

Firmware was updated on both players to 1.02.21.

Both TV:s have 1080p in resolution. My 40" hers 32"

It seems that our TV:s did not behaved in the same way. Settings in my player was Hdmi auto and that worked on her TV but not mine. Changing settings to 1080p 50hz made it work on my TV.

Sorry! I did not see that you talked about TV firmware.

My firmware is 1.408 EA There is a new one with 1.730EA but I do not dare to update since Sony do not take any responsibility if it goes wrong. You can not revert the update I think.


I’m glad you found the solution – in general, “auto” can be used by most people.  But there are reasons the ability to select different resolutions is there, and this is one of them.