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Just looking for some fresh perspective and advice, please. I’m no networking expert, just a home user with frustrations with the product.

I’ve been having on / off issues with My Cloud 3TB for while now and it’s beginning to irk me. My set up is that I have x4 external drives plugged into a USB hub which connects to the My Cloud. These drives then create their own share folders which I map to my PC. A couple of ongoing problems:

  1. Recently we had a power cut and for whatever reason one of the external drives which creates its own share folder shows in the web based UI (and also WD mobile and desktop apps) as expected but I can now no longer see or map this drive on my pc or android box, nothing will see the share anymore on any product on my network. The settings for this share in the UI are Media Serving = on, and my user has Full Access. In the overall settings folder USB Content Availability is set as on and I can see and map the other drives so that makes sense so why can I no longer see this share on the network when the network sees all other shares on the My Cloud?

  2. The dashboard in the UI doesn’t seem to report the correct amount of free space, it seems stuck on 5.6TB free.

  3. One of the 4 external drives is never recognised by the My Cloud even though it has the same generic enclosure as one of the working-with-no-issues external drives. Is it the drive within which is incompatible as opposed to the enclosure itself? Seems this has quite a few hits on the search facility but I’m unclear on the answer. It would be frustrating if that were the case as a previous media streamer had no issue here.

  4. I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem too but I find whenever I reboot the My Cloud using the UI it loves to completely delete a particular share which I create directly on the product via the UI. Fortunately I have this data backed up but it doesn’t seem correct that the product deletes this manually created share on every reboot.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I would really rather not perform a factory reset unless it’s a last resort. Thanks.

Cannot answer questions 1 and 4 but for question 2, others have reported that the Dashboard UI will sometimes report the combined total of any attached external USB drives and the free space on the My Cloud. that would explain why your seeing a much larger amount of free space than your My Cloud is capable of having. Question 3 is a problem others including myself are vexed by. For some of us there are certain external USB drives (I have two separate drives) that are not properly mounted by the WD My Cloud and are not accessible. I had some communication with WD support and sent them logs but no solution fourth coming fro them in my case that would allow me to access one or both drives through the My Cloud USB port.

Thanks for the reply.

The thing with the dashboard is that it will report that aggregate total as if the external drives were plugged in, but they’re not so it should just show what’s free on the product itself. Not end of the world, but annoying nonetheless.

Yes, the mounting issue does seem to feature in a lot of thread searches. Similar symptoms - 0kb (if it ever mounts these days, it never does anymore which I can’t understand) ultimately ending in error code 1122. Hugely annoying as it’s the same identical generic ebay enclosure as one of the drives that has no issue being mounted. I might open up the enclosures in question and see what makes the drives are, I actually think the one that doesn’t mount is a WD green…

I submitted a request to WD support several days ago but not had any contact yet unfortunately.

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The drive manufacturer may not matter as I have two different external hard drives or their enclosures. In my case I have a 1T Toshiba Canova drive that fails to mount with any of the new OS3 version firmware but works with the v3.x version firmware. I also have a generic USB enclosure that fails to mount with a Seagate 1T drive installed. In both cases the logs show the My Cloud seeing both external drives yet attempts to mount them in read only mode for some reason then throws the failed to mount message. However if I use other external drives and flash drives under 1T (I don’t have any larger drives than 1T at the moment) those all mount properly.

The whole thing seems very buggy; it was, as you say, somewhat more stable for me with the last firmware and frankly it’s really starting to sour my experience. I will persist with technical support and reply if I ever get a solution. Fingers, toes, etc. are crossed.

In the end I got sick of waiting so went down the reformat route. It took all day and most of the night to cycle through. Now, this resolved my original points 1 and 2 so it seems the device was at fault in its failure to announce a share to the network via smb even though other devices could still see the share via dlna. Still working on 3, not had the misfortune of testing 4 yet.