Missing Netflix and Hulu Services on new Canadian WD TV Live - UPDATE

I just picked up a new WD TV Live from BestBuy here in Canada.  It just arrived in stock today.  Part number on the box is…

WDBHG7000NBK-01 and model number is WDBHG7000NBK-VESN.

There is no Netflix or Hulu listing under the Services Menu.   When I plugged it in, it updated itself to 1.03.10 via the internet.  Do I have a none North American model?

UPDATE - To summarize, here is the latest.   WD TV Live Streaming units purchased at various chains in Canada all appear to have the same problem.   They are all missing the following Internet Services… Netflix, BlockBuster, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow and Pandora.   These are all US based only services except for Netflix which is now in Canada. 

Even if these services are not allowed in Canada, the option should still be listed and like the WD TV LIVE PLUS units should instead state that this service is not allowed in your country.  The reason to include these options is because some of us travel with our WDTVs to the US.   It is much cheaper to access Netflix from our hotel than to pay for some movie from the hotel’s in house service.

This problem exisits with the latest firmware of 1.03.10. 

WD is now aware of the problem and actively working on a solution.  

The features of the new streaming unit outweight the current drawback of not having Netflix in Canada at the moment and should not diswade you from purchasing this model if you are so inclined.  (BTW, I don’t work for WD)

I should also mention that I have done a factory reset and under the system info section, there is a Netflix key listed.

How much did you pay and what city are you in?

I paid $109.99 at the Bestbuy in Dartmouth Nova Scotia and if we have it out here in the sticks :smileyvery-happy: then it should be everywhere by now.


Interesting.   That’s definitely the right P/N for the Canadian model, and NetFlix is, of course, supposed to be there.

On the off chance you did NOT get a FACTORY-NEW unit (like maybe someone returned it)…

Go into the SETUP menus and do 


and do a FULL reset.

 … not sure if HULU+ should be showing;  that’s a US-Only service.

I should mention that I also have two Live Plus boxes in use and a 1st Gen box sitting on the shelf.   I have one of my Plus boxes running the LXWDTV custom firmware so I know my way around these units. 

The box was factory sealed.  I have reflashed with 1.03.10 and reset to death. 

In the Services screen , there is only 14 selections available.  A Cnet review on Youtube shows 18 selections.   The missing are Blockbuster, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora.  All US based services except for Netflix which is now allowed in Canada.

Interestingly, one of my Live Plus boxes is currently running WD Firmware 1.06.16_B.   All of the missing services are listed.

The Netflix ESN appears to be in the correct format.

I would reflash backwards to 1.03.07i if I could find it to prove/disprove that 1.03.10 is at fault.

I would definitely open a case with WD.

I’ve done that now that they are awake.   I am in Nova Scotia and Bestbuy Canada just started selling these yesterday so I maybe on the bleeding edge of the problem here in Canada.   WD tech support is sending this issue up to the next level. 

lol yeah where you are is the sticks compared to where I am !!!

I will hit up bestbuy tonight and see if they have them here. Will let you know if I face the same issue.

Well, I have had a long talk with 2nd Level tech support and they are recommending that I return this unit as defective.   I will wait for a day until some of you others report in on wether you have Netflix or not.

Nothing at best buy in Calgary

Pick up device a few hrs ago at best buy in toronto … netflix is indeed missing …not sure if a software upgrade will fix this or WD has to ship new devices.


buy at futureshop in montreal.  same to me, netflix is missing.

Thank you to those of you reporting back.   I will call 2nd level tech today and pass this on.

The SMPs use GeoLocating to determine which services are available where.

It sounds like your IPs may be getting indications of NOT being in Canada or something.

Either way, WD needs to look into it.

From a PC that is on the SAME NETWORK as your WD, surf to this address:


It will tell you where it THINKS you are.

There is something wrong somewhere since it sees me in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.   Since others spread across Canada are having the same problem, I suspect the issue is much bigger than WD thinks.

Okay, talked with Level 2 tech this morning and WD is aware of the problem now and following this thread.  

The fellows from Montreal and  Toronto…  could you please confirm that you are missing Netflix, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, BlockBuster and Pandora.

Thanks for the feedback.  We are actively looking into this issue.  Sorry for the inconvenience that is being caused here.

I can confirm that it is not the ip address as I live in eastern Canada and I purchased the American version. After 2 upgrades to the firmware I still have all those services on my box. You get a message that some services are not available outside the US but they are still in the list of services. I believe they intentionally left those apps out but likely made the mistake of not knowing that Netflix is available in Canada.

I can confirm i am missing all the services listed above .