Missing My Cloud under other user's network

I have My Cloud working fine under my account on my Win 10 PC. All backups using file history are performing fine.

I now want to set up file history for my partner’s account.
However, in Network places, the device is not visible like it is under my account.
How do I make the device visible so I can start backing up her data also?

Many thanks

Hi Chris

have you activated the network environment on her PC to see other devices in the network?

No, I have not done this.
I assumed that as both user accounts are on the same PC, that my admin settings would be mirrored to her user account.

No, each account is individual and need to be setup individually. So you need to activate the file history within her account too.

See the tacked first link at the top of the current subforum for a variety of methods that pertain specificly to Windows 10. You need to ensure the network services and network sharing are enabled.


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Many thanks, I shall try these methods first