Missing Music and Videos Folder

Hello All,

Hope someonce can help…

I am trying to stream movies off of the WDTVLiveHub from the WDTV Live Plus.

On the WDTV Live , I select Video - select Media Server - select WDTVLIVEHUB **** I do not see the Music or the Videos folder ; I only can see Photos folder.

On the WDTV Live , I select Video - select Network Shares - select WDTVLIVEHUB  *** I can see my all three folders, Music, Photos, and Videos.  If I go to the Videos folder , I try to select  a mkv file and play it…it does not play the movies.   The movie only plays from the Media Server section.

I can connect to the WDTVLiveHub on the nework fine via computer and I can browse the WDTVLiveHub internal hard drive and I also browse the external hard drive that is plugged into the WDTVLiveHub.  I can see my video contents.

I tried to disable the Media Library feature on the WDTVLiveHub , hard reset, and enable the Media Library.  I hard reset the WDTLivePlus by unplugging and plugging the power.   I have done the factory reset on the  WDTLivePlus.

Still cannot see the WDTVLiveHub Music or Videos folder.

Any clue on how to fix the issue ?

Are all three folders in the ROOT of the drive?

Hello TonyPH12345,

If i bring up the external hard drive via my PC. I only see the *.mkv files and the .jpg that is associated to the movie name.  I also see a hidden drive named .wd_tv  .   I just place the movies to the root of the external hard drive.

I have not placed any files or movies to the WDTVLiveHub internal drive. 

The three folders (Music / Photos / Videos) are from the GUI of the WDTV Live Plus navigation.   So if I power on  the WDTV Live Plus , I select Video (the icon with the Arrow point to the right) , then go to Media Servers , then select WDTVLiveHub.  Normally I would see all three directories (Music / Photos / Videos) aka Media Library Compilation Categories.

I used to be able to select Videos Icon and then I would be able to see selections such as :  All Videos, Folders, Date, Recent, and Playlist…


Go to the TWONKY status page on the hub:

http://[hub IP address]:9000

and make sure that everything is correctly configured.

Thank you TonyPh12345

I will check that out tonight and provide the status.

When I go the the URL as you mentioned, what should I expect to see to make sure the HUB is configured correctly ?



When I go to the http://wdtvlivehub:9000 

I only see Photos on the main page.  I do not see Music or Videos.

How do I restore both folders ?


Go to the SHARING CONFIGURATION of the Twonky Config and make sure the USB devices are included in the sharing setup.