Missing Live services


Latest Firmware 1.11.14

Fault: BBC iPlayer & Netflix is now missing from the “Live Services” Menu

I has to reset the unit using the button on base. I set up as required but the above services are now missing. I went into setting and reset the location option back to United Kingdon - the services did not return.

There are a few posts on here about missing iPlayer and Netflix in the uk so it is a problem with the WD location service, as this only happend when you use the reset button or the reset location option in menu.

I have tried rolling back 1 firmware and also re-upgrading back to 1.11.14, but nothing restores these services. Please fix asap as this is now costing me loss of subscription monies and I am (along with others here) not happy.

Tech support call was useless - the peoples knowledge of their own box was weak.

I do not have trouble with Netflix showing and I am in the UK. Its Acetrax and iPlayer which are missing on my player.