Missing installation CD, MY BOOK ,1TB

Hello, when I bought the WD MY BOOK, serial nr: WCAU49152494, on 6 jan 2010, in Belgium Carrefour store, the installation CD with software & manual, was missing. Please can You help me to complete the installation of MY BOOK?

Name: Jean Vynck,[text deleted] 

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Have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support? I would consider giving them a call about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I also purchased My Book Essentials Edition 2.0 without the CD, manual or any hint what lay ahead. You can have the WDSmartware download from www.wdc.com by registering your purchase’s serial number.

Based on my experience, I would recommend reading through the messages in this community site before making the decision to download the WDSmartware, per se; however, independent Autobackup & Autosync program literature was included with the download which is supposed to be a ‘freebie’ for MY BOOK ,1TB. I have not tried it since MY BOOK , 2.0 customers must purchase it.

Good Luck!

I purchased MY BOOK  2.0 without the CD, manual (or WDSmartware as far as I could discern). After I downloaded the WDSmartware, I discovered 2 programs for purchase—Autobackup & Autosync. Apparently these are included free in other models of WD external drives.

Has anyone had experience with Autobackup? It seems to be a more comprehensive and better than WDSmartware? At least I could install it.

I would greatly appreciate early responses.


I purchased  a 500GB My book essential (WDH1U5000) and it did have memeo autosync and memo autoback , which i later came to know that the WDH1U series comes with 30days trial version softwares. I did not  wanted to shell out another $29.95 for the Memeo Back up software. I’m happy using  Win 7 backup software.


Thanks very much for the reply. I have a few constraints–limited time to backup and XP PRO OS; however, I agree about the additional cost. I was informed that only customers who purchased MY BOOK 2.0 with 500 GB were saddled with the extra cost.  I will consider the implications (necessary changes) of your decision.