Missing gbs

Installed wd 500gbs hard drive, on an asrock p43de mobo, everything went well. installed xp pro, all still going great,  downloaded all updates, sp3, etc. install additional programs, every thing’s fine, couple of days later, checked out system info and found that my 500 gbs, lists only 127 gbs total with about 10gbs used. Question where is the rest of my gbs, and how can I correct problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi there, if you installed the first revision of XP then that’s the problem, as it does not recognize drives larger than 127GB.

Since you have updated to SP3 then the rest of the space will be on disk management (right-click my computer> manage> disk management) for you to format it and make it work as a secondary partition.

The only way to prevent this is to use the second release of the XP installation disc, which comes loaded with SP2 (Or using Vista or 7)

Many thanks for your response, I have loaded both xp disc’s, prior to downloading sp3, before installing my personal programs.  Still puzzled! Will follow your suggestions. Thanks again.  elmau

Hi, opened computer management found following: © partition basic NTFS, healthy 127.99 GB, 90% free.

(G) partition basic NTFS, healthy, 596.07GB, 96% free, (F:) partition basic NTFS, healthy (Active) MB, 74% free.

Panel below that shows: Disk 1, 465.76GB, online.

The 596.07GB is what’s listed. The preceding is as shown in computer management. I’m totally perplexed, help!, help! (or LOL) thanks again. elmau


Can you please upload a pic? If you only have 1 hard drive on your computer then it should be disk 1 or disk 0 with 2 divisions…