Missing Folder

For some strange reason I have a folder gone which I never deleted. I have rebooted and now trying to:
I am trying to use WinSCP SSH is on port 22 user root PW welc0me and get error “Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. Is the host running a SFTP server?”

First, access the My Cloud Dashboard (assuming you are on the same local network as the My Cloud) and ensure SSH is enabled under Settings.

Next, make sure to use the correct IP address for the Host Name in WinSCP. Ensure you have SFTP selected as the File Protocol in WinSCP. It is possible when you rebooted the My Cloud obtained a different IP address from the network router/DHCP server if you have not set a static IP address within the My Cloud Dashboard or better reserved an IP address within the network router/DHCP server.

I already have A fixed IP yes it is set to SFTP. The dashboard is working. I gave up just another problem caused by WD