Missing files

I’ve been using the WD TV Live Plus HD in conjunction with a NetGear ReadyNAS Duo and an HDMI TV connection successfully for a while now, but am starting to have a problem. Now when I browse folders to choose videos, my most recently added files are missing. I’ve had a few randomly reappear over time, but I don’t see a pattern to it. I mount the ReadyNAS from OS X over AFP and copy files over as usual. Files which appear on the WD TV have the same permissions as those that don’t (world-readable), so I don’t think it’s a permissions thing. The firmware on the WD TV is 1.04.22_B. Is this a common problem?

Make sure that after you add files that you EXIT the WD’s browsing menus and start from scratch.   You have to exit the WD’s browser to get it to refresh the file list.

I have completely restarted the WD TV and the ReadyNAS, and the issue persists.