Missing files on backup

Hi, I just buy a 500 Gb My passport. I complete the first backup. I look in “My document” folder and many files are missing. 2nd test, i try a restore on another location and still many folders and files are missing. There are still present on the drive on my PC. How can I restart a Full backup wuit WD SmartWare ?

Bump for a reply from WD.

I’m going to need some more information about the problem that you are having. What are some of the files and the path that are not being backed up? Do you have the latest version of the SmartWare software? What OS are you using? In order to setup a new backup you will need to delete the current backup from the drive, you can do this by deleting the WD_SmartWare folder, then I would restart the computer to disjoin the software from the old backup. When the computer comes backup, start the Backup again.

My problem is the opposite. Just attempted 1st backup ever (full system backup of older Win XP PC). 5 hours later, had to suspend so my husband could access his files. WELL, on the PC, ALL of his teaching files were no longer available. Their images were there (but lighter in color) and none would open, whether in Word or PDF or Excel. Error message said something about not being able to read the format.

Panic set in and we did a “restore” from the WD to a different location (renaming the folder) on the PC. Got the files back. What happened? Does backing up automatically destroy the files on the PC you are backing up from?

Any advice would be most appreciated. These records are very important and we should have been backing up all along. Now I am afraid to do anything other than get more thumb drives.