Missing files in WDMyCloud folder under 'ThisPC'

Sorry, hard to capture a one line description for this problem. I have several video files on my MyCloud device, however, many of them are missing in the WDMyCloud folder that is located under ‘ThisPC’. I watch my video files on my TV through a Roku box, and the Roku accesses the WDMyCloud folder that has the missing files. This was driving me crazy for a long time, because I would go to my computer and look at MyCloud on my network and everything was there. That is how I finally stumbled on another folder under ‘ThisPC’, and what I viewed in there matched what I was seeing through my Roku menu. They are all .MP4 format and there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind what is there and not there. Any ideas what I can do?

What folder are you looking in, see image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I have a Roku 3 and play my videos with it. If you can provide more information I will look at mine and see what it shows and plays.


I to use a Roku (Roku 2 XS) with the Roku Media Player channel to play content from a WD My Cloud.

Couple of things to keep in mind. The Roku will access and play what ever media files the Twonky Media Server within the My Cloud finds. For the Twonky Media Server to find files those files must be in Share folders that have Media Serving enabled, even if that Share is configured as a Private Share (Public Access disabled).

I have at times had files not show up under Video category due to the formatting of the MP4 file. Sometimes the MP4 file formatting will trigger the Twonky Media Server to view the video file as an audio file. Don’t know why, possibly due to either video codec used to encode or some error with the metadata tagging. The workaround for me was to reencode the video file. I use the free Handbrake program, then Twonky would properly categorize it as a video file and the Roku would list it under Video.

On a side note one can edit or add Metadata on MP4 files using the free MP3Tag program or MediaMonkey program. The Roku Media Player channel will show that metadata information (Title, Comment, Artwork) on screen.

The folder I look in is the one named Album. Here are some screenshots that show the differences.
Actual Drive:

Under MyPC:

Weird, right?

Taking a look at what you are showing I am seeing two different storage areas. The one is showing what you have placed in the Public share as shared videos. The second are videos that you have on your My Cloud that should show all of your Videos. While looking at my desktop computer I found another folder under This PC>Albums named Videos that show some of my MP4’s. I had to open Videos to see them. See image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

You may have another folder that has the MP4’s in it. Do you have one named Videos under This PC>WDMyCloud>Videos>Album?


That is how I finally stumbled on another folder under ‘ThisPC’, and what I viewed in there matched what I was seeing through my Roku menu.

This appears to be a problem of Windows being ‘too clever’. and presenting files in what appears to be a normal, hard drive folder structure of the MyCloud file server.

Whereas I think it’s actually showing you a DLNA media server view. Hence the different metadata ‘views’ that are being offered: ‘Album’, ‘All Videos’, ‘By Date’, etc. i.e. ‘This PC’ is showing a logical view, rather than a simple physical view of the file system (as seen in the ‘Network\MyCloud…’ file structure).

Which leads me to suspect that the Twonky media server on the MyCloud is not recognising some of the media files, for some reason. That would explain why the files you see under ‘This PC’ (a logical view) are the ones you see from your Roku (which is also using a logical view, presenting the views of the Twonky DLNA media server database).

If Roku allows you to connect to the MyCloud as a network file server I’d try that option (e.g. using SMB). Hmmm… a quick google suggests that’s not possible…

Otherwise, you need to sort out why Twonky is not seeing your media. You should start by rebuilding the Twonky database.

Settings|Media|DLNA Database|Rebuild in the Dashboard

I note that, as per the user manual instructions, you have put your media in the ‘Shared Media’ folders, and under the Public share. I found that using the ‘Shared Media’ folders gave me all sorts of problems with Twonky, so I moved them to a private share, and changed the folder names to get rid of the 'Shared ’ bit; I don’t think the space in the pathname helps…

Thank you for your suggestions. I have already rebuilt the database (several times). No relief. I had wondered about moving my files to a private share, so I think I’ll try that. Thank you also for the link to the FAQ. I will report back my findings.

I still have this problem. But if I log in to MY CLOUD unit and under Settings/Media/DLNA I engage the REBUILD and RESCAN (think that order) when it’s completed my Samsung TV does see the MP4 files.

If I move files or add more, I then have to repeat the above process if MP4 files.

right now I’m having issue it with the unit connecting to the InterNet for CLOUD access via the APP on my android. Works fine at home on MY network, but won’t work remotely. It says it can’t connect on this end, even though I think I got things reset correctly. Worked fine for years.

FIRMWARE update says it’s UP to date: But date is year or so old. WDMyCloud v04.05.00-334 : Core F/W

Thanks all