Missing factory software

I bought my Hub from Fry’s, one of their famous “reduced price” repackaged deals. Apparently, it had been used and returned, resealed and put back in stock with a lower price. There were some media files on it from the original purchaser (Spanish language garbage). In the process of deleting them I may have deleted stuff that actually came on the device from the manufacturer. Themes, perhaps, or some other software. Can someone tell me what files come on the Hub from WD and what file folders whould be on the device when new? It’s working fine, but I don’t have much choice in the way of themes and I think there may have been some sample stuff that came with the unit.

There was some sample media (not worth much) but that’s it.   

I would just recommend you re-format your drive and smile at the reduced price.  :)   

There are no themes on the hard drive out of the box;  they’re all downloaded from the net when you install them.

Thank you, kind sir.:smiley: