Missing dynamiconfig.Ini

Hi everyone. I hope you can help. I have a Mycloud 2tb gen 1. I can not setup cloud access and have been talking to WD support, who told me to check a few things. They have since gone silent. What I did find was the file /tmp/dynamicconfig.ini is missing. Can someone share their version of the file please so I can try replacing it on my MC. Thanks.

How did you discover or determine the file dynamicconfig.ini is missing?

Have you made any modifications to the My Cloud using SSH? Or have performed an unbrick on the My Cloud at some past point?

What steps have you performed to setup cloud access and assign users cloud access?

@PaulJ2 What firmware version do you have?


Do you have Cloud Access on in the Dashboard under Settings?

Have you read all the information and Help that is provided for setting up Cloud Access?

Thanks for replying. I have firmware version 4.05.00-342. I have read the help files. Cloud access is turned on, and cannot be turned off. If i click the button to turn it off i get an error “Invalid parameter. (400033)”.

Thanks for the reply. i have been using SSH as per WDs instructions. It was that which reported the file was missing. I have not made any modifications, or performed an unbrick. Cannot guarantee that has not occurred before i owned it. If i listed all the things I have tried to get cloud setup to work I would be typing until my thumbs are worn down to stubs (I am on a tablet).

@PaulJ2 You said you are on a tablet, what are you on when you try to set up Cloud Access? You would need to create a code (Get Code) and use it to get access for the tablet. In the image below the one highlighted in yellow is my tablet and the one below it is my cell phone.

Setting up the cloud access on a tablet using a browser to access the dashboard is fine. You dont need the code for that. You do need the code for the mycloud app.

This issue was caused by corrupted firmware. Downloaded latest firmware to pc and used dasboard to download to MC.