Missing data

What is wrong with My Passport? I was using it for backup on my desktop and had over 60gb of data, pictures, etc., on it. My desktop hdd failed and when I plug my Passport into my laptop it shows that I have 3.9 gb AND the capacity is only 3.9gb. What’s up with that?

What OS are you using? Look in Disk Management does the drive show there? Down where the bars are what does it say there and what color is the bar?


Both the dead desktop and the laptop are Windows XP, SP3.

The information from Disk Management is the following:


3.71gb FAT32

Healthy Active

The bar above this section is dark blue.

The next section is;

462.08 gb


The bar above this section is black.

Both the desktop and laptop hdd’s are NTFS; I don’t understand how the Passport is FAT32.

I tried running CONVERT from the CMD prompt and received the following:

Insufficient disk space for conversion.

The conversion failed.

I am really at a loss as to what is going on.