Missing cover for folder

Hello All,

Sorry for posting something which may have already been solved, but I have spent a little time going through some posts and not finding anything to guide me in the right direction.

I am not sure if this has been broken due to a firmware update, but I used to be able to get content online for my movies to which the cover artwork would be available within the movie folder for the actual movie file iteself and then I would be able to step back at the root level where I have all the movie folders and would then have a cover image for the movie at the folder level. Hope this makes sens so far… well now when I get the content info, it comes in nicely for the movie itself but not at the folder level. The number of files being created seem to be less (comparing ones with and without the folder artwork) and I am not sure why. I have added the drive into my media library and I seem to have access to the drive as needed  - just not sure why this is happening and is truly driving me bonkers!

Any help/direction would really be appreciated here…Thanks!

OK - I found a solution which was to create a folder.jog cover art image file (using the ThumbGen tool) and place it in the same location as the movie file - still odd that one cannot do this right from the WDTV Live unit when downloading content from the internet - but I guess you can’t have it all…