Missing Content Info for a certain show <----


Recently I’ve just got myself the blu ray edition of  “Wonders of the universe (BBC)”. Everything is fine as usual a fine play and good quality but the content info of this entire series is missing. Although  “Wonders of the solar system” which I got also had no problem to find it with the  “Get Content Info” option.

Could you please look forward to putting the “Get Content Info” available for the  “Wonders of the universe (BBC)”.

Thank you


P.S. : Any good respond is good :slight_smile:

WD doesn’t manage that content.

All of that information comes from THEMOVIEDB.ORG

It’s a matter of time before “Wonders of the Solar System” is  deleted, because it is *NOT* a MOVIE.   It will be deleted as soon as someone complains.


If I’am correct I could go to  THEMOVIEDB.ORG and create myself one content and eventually it will show up on my WDTVLiveHub since it takes the info from  that specific website right?

And then if someone complain. Well deleted it will be.

Is there any other source that WDTVLivehub takes from to Get the Content Info?

Nope…  But you can also add the metadata for TV shows YOURSELF using the countless applications linked in the Hub forums.

Thanks… I guess …