Missing Audio features?

am I the only one that has troubles with the Hub for playing high quality audio?

to be precise:

multichannel PCM (mkv, m2ts and ISO) downsampled to stereo and

downsampling of 96kHz audiofiles to 48kHz (flac, wav, aif).

i thought both are supported to play 1:1 over HDMI

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Hi there, I think this was fixed on the recent update.

Multichannel PCM (5.1) is not working in the latest firmware.  I have several test files and all are downmixed to stereo.

Supposedly, 96kHz audio is no longer downsampled in the latest firmware but I have no way of checking that.  I’ll see if I can find some test files and verify tomorrow.

96kHz stereo is supported since 2. 04.13, i can confirm that with my denon.