Missing Admin Access

I recently noticed that there no longer seems to be an admin account login on My Cloud NAS. I still can access the drive using my User accounts, some of which have full access to all files, but there is no Admin account. I’m unsure but I also seem to be missing some setting options even when I am logged in with full access which leads me to believe that these logins don’t have an Admin equivalent access to settings. I tried resetting the device by pressing the reset button for 4 seconds as listed in the manual but there is still no ability to login as Admin.

Access the My Cloud Dashboard and select the User tab. I think they indicate the admin user by a green check mark on the name. Could be someone changed the “admin” user name to some other name.

Example, on a first gen single bay My Cloud, of the admin name changed to another name. Note the tiny check mark on the name.

Thanks for the clarification. I presume that I could just as easily rename it ‘admin’ again, but I had previously thought that it was a reserved, permanent, and unchangeable user name.