Missing AD ACL


I am trying to setup a MyBookWorld II with Active Directory.  I had done this before but had to repurpose the drive for another task so I disjoined it from the domain, used it, and tried to rejoin the domain.  It is an Active Directory member, I can see it as a computer but now the Access Control List (ACL) is empty save the default admin and WD_Backup accounts.

I moved data to a DAS drive and reset the device successfully, and was able to join it to the domain again but I can’t see the users or security groups from my domain under the users tab nor when I try to apply permissions to a new shared folder.  I have used the link to refresh Winbind but none of my user accounts or Security Groups are displayed.    Is there a way to see my domain users and security groups?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi there, how did you even get to join the MBW to a domain? As far as we know the option is there, but the controller doesn’t support it o.o

I’ve also managed to get it to join the domain but am suffering the same problem of no users or groups appearing… is there any way to log what’s going on?