Missing 1TB of my 4TB dive all of the sudden

Everything has been great since I have purchased and installed my My Cloud. I have started moving files equaling 435 GB over to the drive. I notice when I first set up drive it had ove 400 GB from factory. Doing the math I still should have close to 3.2 TB. I just notice last night that the dashboad and windows show the the drive only shows 2.7 TB in capacity and I now have 2.2 TB left of storage avaliable. I have verified that I do not have any backs going on. PLEASE HELP

Thank You in advance.

Read this


It may partially explain what is happening. 

What is the nature of the files you have transferred? Are they large, multi-MB or GB files, or are they lots of small (few kB) files? If the latter, you may be seeing the effect of cluster size on the 4TB drive, which would mean that every file smaller than the cluster size (64kB) would require 64kB.

The .wdmc thumbnails of images will take up some space, but they shouldn’t require an extra 100% space, unless your images are the same size as the thumbnails to start with, and the thumbnailer is too stupid to realise that…

The files are music, pictures, large videos (4 - 5 GB), and comics. I have uploaded these files at 50 to a 100 GB at a time. Before I got a response fom the forum I moved the files back to the pc and did a factory reset (Full Restore) thinking this would resolve my problem and after completing this i still only have 2.9 TB?

Well, you can SSH into the cloud and navigate over to /shares by

cd /shares

then type 

ls -A -s

to see all the shared directories and files that are shared by your drive.

There will be two hidden directories 

4  .wdmc 

4  .wdphotos

The number in front of the hidden directories indicates the blocksize allocated which isn’t much for the directories themselves but you can then navigate into the directories.

cd .wdmc

ls -A -s

which will give you the blocksize for the hidden .wdmc indexes 

I believe you can delete both .wdmc and .wdphotos without any concerns… although since I don’t work for WD and if your WD drive hangs… please talk to tech support :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check out the other directories to determine if there are any other hidden directories or shares. It may be a virus that decided to fill up your NAS with a terrabyte of files.

Let us know what you find, I’m curious

 edit. ps. to delete a file is

rm wdmc.db

note that is “r” and “m” not m

rm wdphotos.db

A factory restore should give you the full, original capacity. 2.9 sounds like what you’ve for a 3TB drive…

Did you check the capacity when you first got it, before you loaded anything onto it?

I think there serial number should indicate the size, if not, a system report ought to; use the dashboard ?/support/create system report.

You can use the parted command to see the partitions on your disk.  If you ssh into the WD My Cloud.

eter the following:

parted /dev/sda



This will list your disk partitions.  Then post the results.