Missinf files

:smiley:first of all, Hi!

I have been using the Live with an elements 2TD drive for about a week. The HDD has arount 1.7TB of FLAC files on it, music only, arranged in folders under A, B, C etc…

The problem I am having is that when I enter a folder, not all of the files are displayed so there are some missing. I can see these files without any issues when the drive is connected to my PC via USB.

This is a very strange issue, and I have no idea why this would be. Has anyone come across this before?

Many thanks for any help forthcoming


How are you entering these folders. Is is via network shares or media server.

RIch, it’s getting close to your lunch time.  :)  He’s using a local drive.

The WDTV won’t show files that don’t have supported extensions.   Specifically, what file(s) are missing?   What are the extensions on the names?

Also, it’s worth trying to delete the hidden folder .wd-tv found in the root of the drive and allow the WDTV to re-index.

Thanks Guys. Tony, in windows explorer, the file would look like…

B> B-52’s> wild Planet.  Etc.

I will delete the index file and try again, thanks for the advice. It is worth mentioning that when connected to a PS3 the problem is non existent.


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In Windows explorer do you have file extensions hidden? (You can look in the options).

If not, then you won’t be able to play a file that is just “Wild Planet” – it would have to be “Wild Planet.MP3” or some such.

hi Mike. I use the ‘folder’ view to browse the files on the drive. not sure if this would make any difference?

It would appear that deleting the contents of the index file and allowing the unit to re-index the drive has done the trick!

So thanks for all your help, I have no idea why it did not work first time around.


Don’t worry about it – if it works that’s really the bottom line.

And, yes, sometimes the index is either corrupt or incomplete (my own theory for why this happens is the unit is shut off before it’s finished without doing an “eject” of the USB drive from the menu, thus making a bad file.  It’s not good behavior but that’s true of a lot of things :>)