Missed Backup message

Using Windows 7 Pro.
I have WD Backup set to backup every hour.

On the WD Backup Window, it says “Missed Backup on [date] 10:00:00 PM.” I seem to have this message every day at 10 pm.

I saw an old message here (which I couldn’t reply to) that mentioned a setting in the Windows Task Scheduler. I didn’t see WD Backup listed there.

I’d like to know why it misses a backup. Since it’s backing up at other times, it’s not a real problem, but I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do to prevent it missing backups.


I’m also on Windows 7. My installation of WD Backup also misses every scheduled backup (once a day at 1am while PC is awake). The only one successful I see is the very first one that took over a week to complete. The odd thing is that I get a notification that backup was completed successfully like 5 minutes after start for the last few days. Nonetheless only the very first one did actually get through.

Also it seems it is impossible to restore anything. The list of files to restore never shows up no matter how long I wait. This is very frustrating.

Update… I just ran backup manually. A minute and a half later it said it was successful.
However in settings it says that the last successful was done last year :frowning:

Another extremely frustrating thing is that WD Backup expanded all NTFS hardlinks instead of recreating hardlinks within backup drive!
I feel like I’m about to switch back to rsync