Miss a produduct

im a new user of WD passport essential,  i brougt this without knew of WD support and website. does any  one can help me because i wrong when my broken WDbrought  WD passport essential  WDBAA3200ASL for mac,but  i use windows xp at home. can  it work for windows?? because all data in my passport read as additional files, not grouping by movies, email, etc


You can take the drive back and exchange it to the one made for windows.

Or if you wish not to do the above suggestion.

You still be able to use that WD product for windows machine

But you have to do this:

Plug the WD external drive to your XP machine.  wait until it ready.

From the Start menu, go to RUN, then type CMD and hit enter.

You will see a new screen with black back ground and a blinking cursor.

a. type:    diskpart         then hit enter.

b. type:     list  disk       then enter.       

     You will see the list of drive, look for the WD My passport drive number.

    Be very careful not to clean your c: drive or you may lose your data. Your c: will usually list as disk 0.

    WD My Passport drive should be either disk 1, 2 or 3. but look very carefully.

c. type:      select disk  2       then hit enter.    If WD My Passport drive is 2 from the drive list.

d. type:      clean                     then hit enter.     it will clear out all disk partitions.

e. type: exit      then hit enter to exit out from that screen.

Unplug the WD My Passport drive and re-plug it.

After that the disk is clean with no partition.

You need to initialize, partition and format with your XP machine before you can use it.

Please click on this link to get the instruction on how to do that