Mislaid my power lead.. help please re what and where to get new lead

Hi, Ive lost the power lead for my hard drive WD40000H2Q-00 can anyone advise what model power lead i need and where is a good place (Maplins is no longer in business) thanks

It is a sturdy USB3 cable. Check at WD Store Online for a replacement, or other sources.

thank you mike… interesting that i get an answer quickly from you on the forum but still not an answer from the WD Support line… rubish service from this company doesnt bode well!
Mike, when you say ‘sturdy’ USB3 cable can you give more details? also i cant see the WD store on line link… have you got a link please? thanks buddy, mike

If you’ve lost the Power adapter (the part that plugs into the wall) that’s another story.
But the “lead” (the cable) as mike indicates is just an ordinary USB cable (can’t remember if the MPW uses Mini or Micro, though).

Well, it appears the WD Store that used to sell accessories from WD no more exists.

By “sturdy” I mean the cable section (not plugs) is flatter, wider, and more hefty than a typical USB cable (presumably for use on a power supply) I googled and found this one at eBay for five bucks. It seems to fit this description, so try this one or another like it. Ships from California (not overseas).


thank you for your help. However, the very helpful lady at WD Help centre did call me back today and sorted out my needs. regarding the webpage of their extra products page not working she explained they had a few tech issues on the website yesterday. thanks, everyone

Yes. You can charge with a regular USB-3 cable, but you can also use a regular micro USB cable too. USB-3 is backwards compatible like that. Just plug that standard USB-2 micro USB cable into the part of the split connector where it fits and it will charge (and it will work like any other USB-2 device). I’ve never had a USB-3 device not work like that.