How do I verfy thay my drives are mirroring?

I don’t use mirroring, but I would think if you want to be certain that your drives are being mirrored (beyond checking that RAID 1 is active from the dashboard), then you will need to SSH into your drive and go to the mount paths for the two drives and see that the same shared directories are present on both. I only have one drive in JBOD mode, so I don’t know what the mount path for your second drive will be, but at least one of them will be /mnt/HD/HD_a2 - the other one should be listed if you cd to /mnt/HD/ and do an ls. Then go down to that directory and check to see if the share directories are the same as those in /mnt/HD/HD_a2. You could even drill down the share directories and compare further.

Reply solution over my head. What is SSH. Was thinking about pulling the drives and connect to my laptop with a special USB adapter unit and checking to see what is on the drives. But afraid I will screw something up. Do you think that would be an alternative way to check for mirror of drive 1? Thanks.

Your method would work ONLY if you are connecting the two drives via USB adapter unit to either a Linux laptop…or a Windows laptop with software that can read Linux’s ext4 format. There are a couple free Windows software to do that…you’ll have to google them.