Mirrored instead of Music folder

When I access MyCloud from my Samsung TV, I see Video, Pictures and mirrored instead of Music since the past few weeks, My Music folders are intact, however, now I see Mirrored instead of Music.

What could be rhe reason?


How unusual. Is this only happening on your TV? What if you try to access the media server from another DLNA device?

Does ‘Mirrored’ contain the music you have stored in Music?

Yes, it does. There is no change. All music folders are files are there.
By the way, I am not using the Public folder for Video, Pictures and Music.
The only ddifference being instead of the Music folder, I see a folfer called mirrored.


This is only happening on my Samsung TV. When I select a source (Network Media Server), I see three folders (Video, Music & Pictures). Since approx. 3 weeks, I see mirrored instead of Music. There is no change otherwise. All my music folders an files are there.

On my Samsung mobile using WD app, I see all my shares straightaway. Same for Kindle.


Weird… If there was a problem with Twonky’s database, you’d expect to see the problem with all DLNA clients. But I’m not sure if you’re using DLNA clients on mobile and kindle: are you, or are you using a file server client app? You can see where Twonky thinks it should be looking, and what it thinks it library looks like by using the twonky UI on port 9000 of your mycloud’s IP address.

Or it may be a Samsung issue. Has it updated its firmware recently?

If one searches this sub forum they’d see that Samsung smart TV’s have a variety of problems with the Twonky media server within the My Cloud. Not clear where the fault lies but I’d wager the DLNA client within the Samsung TV is probably just a very poor DLNA media player since other devices don’t seem to have nearly the problems that Samsung TV’s have with the My Cloud/Twonky.