Mirrored drives

Does anyone know how those two drives function with each other?

  1. how often do they save your work?

  2. if one drive fails what happens? Can I physically work off a specific drive?

my problem is this. I had a file get corrupted and am hoping that somewhere a previously saved version exists…


  1. Question is a bit vague… But the point is that mirrored drives are writing data parallely, at the same time.

So “how often” depend on a software you’re using and is a mirrored drive your save drive.

  1. If one of the mirrored drives fail, you should immediately get message “RAID corrupted” or something similar.

At that moment faulty drive should spin down and stop, and only “healthy” drive should continue to work.

There wont be any previous saved versions either. The way it works is that both drives have the same data. If one becomes bad, the other one is still safe so its not a previous version, but the up to date version still safe. You just need to replace the bad drive and the good drive will mirror the information, corruption free, into the new drive =)