Mirror WDMyCloud a local server for accessibility with the best remote Clouds

MyCloud can be a Mirror server?
My answer is yes, but serve the applications installed on the device which make it possible to connect with the main cloud systems:

Google Drive

Just to name three of them.

Then the data would be doubly safe and accessible with a remote server and a home server that speak together.

Mirror is just a marketing moniker to explain that Mirror’s drives are being mirrored (using RAID 1)…so it already offers the “mirror” functionality out of the box.

As for OneDrive…that is a Microsoft product and Microsoft does not provide a Linux client…so WD can’t put one out there.

Also, this post seems more like a suggestion/idea…and suggestions/ideas for Mirror goes here  -> http://community.wd.com/t5/Personal-Cloud-Ideas/idb-p/cloud_idea  and if WD deems it feasible then they might put it to vote (although in this case I’m pretty sure it will be shot down because these cloud platforms are all 3rd party products and it is up to those third parties to submit a client for Mirror…WD might contact them and see if they would if there is enough interest…or they might not)

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As you understand this is a suggestion.
The limits are not part of my marketing skills, but as an end user and propose technically feasible solutions do not yet exist.
Rules and trade agreements is not for me to interfere, but if a product promises and will be left in the window by the majority of users, pace of marketing.
If you can give continuity to my proposal I trust the administrators of the community to see if the rules and services can reach a meeting point for the ultimate good of users and budgets.

As I mentioned…post a new suggestion in the suggestions board (see link in my previous post).

Thank you for your help!

I posted in the suggested location the following posts:


Have a nice evening

It would be a good idea to modify your suggestion you made to include the words My Cloud Mirror (and there is a space between the words My Cloud). That suggestion board is a combined suggestion board for several different products including My Cloud and My Cloud Mirror.

Also, the wording of your suggestion is very confusing and roundabout - it should be simpler to understand. It might be a good idea to revise it to make it simpler. To revise any post, including a suggestion, just choose Edit from the dropdown menu Options in the top right corner of a post).

Here is already an exisitng suggestion for the same thing ->  http://community.wd.com/t5/Personal-Cloud-Ideas/Implement-OneDrive-synchronization/idi-p/761410  but it is for the My Cloud product not the my Cloud Mirror product. And since they have different firmwares, having your suggestion is not a bad idea but only if you clarified it was for the My Cloud Mirror product.

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I’ve edited the post trying to be as clear as possible.

Thank you

Here is the link: