Mirror DL4100 to PR4100

I have a 32TB DL4100. I wanted to purchase a second one further down the line, to mirror the first onto for backup / redundancy. However, now that I am at that point, it looks like the DL4100 is no longer available. Can I mirror my existing DL4100 onto a PR4100 of equal capacity? Is it easy to do?

I went the other route, I have a pr4100 with 32tb (24tb with raid 5) and bought a DL2100 with 16tb raid 1 for backup
I don’t see why it won’t be easy to do
probably overkill to have two pro series with 32tb , but if budget is no issue, why not.
do not neglect the fact that if you have both at the same premisses, that fire does not forgive…ask me how I know
try to have each at different physical address if you can

I have the same exact hardware. I have my original DL4100 (4x8TB in Raid 5) and I just added a PR4100 (4x8TB in Raid 5). I remote backup my DL4100 to my PR4100. It works fine for me.