Mirror Book 2TB Not Recognized

I have a Western Digital Mirror 2TB external drive, Raid 1. I am using Windows 7 Pro. I am connecting it via a 1 foot mini-USB cable. When I connect the drive, the blue light comes on, I hear the fan making noise, and I hear clicks from both the computer and the external. After ten seconds, the Western Digital Drive Manager (with the latest update) pops up in my system tray. If I click Start and look under Devices and Printers, the My Book device will appear after a few seconds as well. However, the drive doesn’t appear on My Computer, and the shortcut on my desktop isn’t connected either. I’ve heard about going into the Registry and deleting the UpperFilters and LowerFilters, but that didn’t work either. I have tried 3 different mini-usb cables, and 3 different ports in different locations (front and back) of the tower. Any advice on what is wrong?

Additional information: It is showing up in my Device Manager, and shows that it’s working properly. Also, the driver is completely up to date. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Device Manager, which is also showing as working properly in device manager. Could it really be a fault drive? Because even if it were, it seems like it would just start pulling from the other mirrored RAID 1 drive. Also, I’ve been using this drive with my Windows 7 machine for months and no problem. I do not have another computer at home I can test it on.

I think you have to assign a drive letter. To do this, press Windows key + R on your keyboard. On RUN dialog box type diskmgmt.msc

On disk manager, look for your drive without a drive letter. Right click on the drive and choose “Change Drive Letter & Paths”. Choose add and assign letter W for WD Drive. Now you should be able to see your drive in the explorer.

When I right click on the drive in Disk Management, the drive does not have a letter assigned, as you said. However, when I right-click, the "Change Drive Letter and Paths’ option is grayed out. Additionally, while the other volumes read like “Audio CD (E:)” and “HP (C:)”, the MyBook volume appears as only an icon and does not have a volume name.The status says healthy, yet the File System is blank and the % Free is listed at 100%. The drive I believe has about 400gb on it (or hopefully still does at least!

Anyway, here is a picture of the disk management results.


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     I am experiencing the same problem…please let me know if u find any solution