Miracast and the Lumia 950XL

Hello all. First I would like to thank the community here for having solved two problems so far with my recently purchased WD TV Media Player.

• Connecting to my Windows 10 Devices
• Audio in MKV files not playing

Now I have one other nagging problem I figured I would pick your brains with.

I have a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. What’s more, it supports Miracast and also has Continuum. MS’s details of Continuum say that the Lumia 950 XL should connect to any display or system that supports Miracast and once connected, will activate Continuum onto the display.

(For those not familiar, Continuum makes it so your phone projects a Windows 10 Desktop Experience onto your TV or other Monitors and you can use a Keyboard/Mouse or the Phone as a touchscreen for working or playing on the TV/Monitor using Universal Apps. At the same time, you can still use your phone for other programs, making calls, receiving texts, etc.)

Now, I have attempted to connect my phone to the WD TV Media Player, it shows up, tries to connect, but then the connection fails due to a poor connection or something like that.

I have seen similar threads in here regarding the same issue with Miracast for such devices as tablets, Galaxy S5/6’s and other Android devices, but I have not yet seen a solid solution to the problem and some of the possible fixes seems constrained to Android.

For the record, my WD TV Media Player is not wired and is connected to the network using Wi-Fi.

I also attempted to update the firmware of the WDTVMP but it is apparently up to date (Last Firmware found was from 2014)

I have also attempted Auto Connect and Manual Connection with no luck.

Is there anybody in here who has attempted to connect either a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL (Or perhaps another Lumia / Windows 10 Mobile Device) to the WDTVMP?

Is it even possible or are the devices simply too new… or is Continuum causing some sort of issue which the WDTVMP simply can’t handle?

I assume it is possible to fix, as I have heard some people with recent devices solving this problem, which is the same problem I am having, however they fixed it by adjusting whatever Android OS they were using (KitKat?) and something to do with sideloading or custom roms installed on their devices. (None of which applies to my situation)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to the community.

I have a HTC M8 for Windows and I also have a WD TV, I’ve seen that Miracast will not work on the WD TV if My Phone is on Win 10 mobile, tech preview, however if I downgrade to Windows 8.1 mobile it works fine, I would believe that is an issue with the WD TV as you are reporting the same on a completely different phone.

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Thanks for the feedback. That’s kind of poopy though. Hopefully there is at least one more firmware update to come out to make the WDTVMP compatible with W10M.

I mean, my 950XL comes stock with W10M and there is no option to roll back to 8.1 as the recovery tool would only roll me back to an earlier build of W10M.

… That and if I could roll back to 8.1 I would lose the W10M Continuum Feature, which defeats the purpose once again.

Hmmm. I will need to do a bit more brain storming.

Either way, I didn’t originally buy the WDTVMP for my Phone’s Continuum and it does what I need it for. The Miracast would have simply been a pleasant bonus.

well this issue of the Miracast hasn’t been resolved yet but the priority for me just went to zero. Microsoft is giving out free Continuum Docks for those in Australia who own 950’s and 950XL’s. I reserved mine and confirmed it will be delivered in a few weeks.

A free dock from Microsoft and a free 200GB MicroSD card from Harvey Norman because I preordered… Frigging steal.

a free 200GB MicroSD card (which Harvey Norman sells for $498) … wow


nope not a typo. That’s the card they gave me. It’s in my phone right now. Harvey Norman had a special on that if you preordered either the 950 or the XL, you got that card for free.

And now MS is giving away this to 950/XL owners for free in Australia:


My wife is jealous lol

found it here as well …

$1000 phone + (free $498 MicroSD Card) … don’t drop it or lose it :open_mouth:

■■■■ right. Never letting this thing go, lol. My only problem is figuring out what to fill the card with… I know, first world problems.