Miracast and LG G3

Am i right in thinking my WD TV Live will not work with my LG G3?

I have checked a WD page and it said no, i just wanted to check with you guys and get your feedback



Currently, the LG G3 is not listed as a supported device for the WDTV.

List of supported devices


Just to note … if it’s not in the “Supported Devices” list, doesent  necessarily mean it won’t work

example:  I have a Huawei Smartphone Model: Y550-L02  Android: KitKat 4.4.4  (Which is’nt in the Compatibility List)

… and Miracast to the WDTV works fine

So, the only way to know if your LG G3 will work, is to test it  (if no-one else has tested it, then you’re on your own)

If you’re thinking of buying a WDTV for this feature … then keep your purchase receipt and check the return/refund policy of wherever you buy it from … in the event that it doesent work)

Thanks for the replies guys, no i already have 2 of the WDTVLive’s but just got the phone did the set up but got some kind of error message about slow network or something, so i’ll have to do it again and google the error message and see what gives, most of what i have read have said it’s a no go which is a shame as it would have been handy, but we’ll see how we go.