Mionet does not work at all. Mionet registration refused with reason, no response from WD

I can just register a temporary account for my PC, but the offer for connecting the MyBookWolrdEdition (white light) NAS is constantly refused. I’ve never been able to register it since nearly one month.

Given the number of other defects I can see in the embedded software (incompatible with IE8, despite you absolutely want IE, incompatible with European version of Windows 7, which DOES NOT have IE at all: Windows 7 is even not supported, despite its final release candidate is there since about 1 year and nothing has really changed in terms of software capabilities), All I say is that this is in fact NOT a NAS (all the embedded services are defective, and now we can also see that the online WD services are defective as well).

In addition, you (WD) don’t reply to support requests, and continue to remove messages from your forum that demonstrate existing problems. And you don’t provide any support at all (I’ve tried by phone without success, nothing was replied by email).

Is there only an existing WD support? 

For this reason I will refuse to subscribe anything to pay for something whose trial already fails constantly. I have already paid too much for a NAS that is not a NAS, but jsut a basic network harddrive (I could have paid much less with a NAS from another manufacturer where I could have installed the harddisk of my choice, and I would have even got the possibility to have RAID5).

Seriously, I will return the NAS as defective to my seller, and I will buy something else from Tecus (and I will use Samsung harddrives). this WD product is clearly bogous, defective, and its advertized capabilities are just lies:

  • DLNA does not work with serious DLNA-certififed equipement.

  • the internalk confguration web is abusuvely slow (it is COMPLETELY unusable from IE which constantly redisplays the NAS logon screen because your web configurator is completely bogous and does not manage the web session correctly)

  • the secure HTTPS mode is defective : the certificate is invalid as it just authenticate a user (and is unusable to identify a web server, so ALL browsers are rejecting this certificate or are blocking the access due to severe security issues)

  • the internal media server (Twonky) is extremely bad: not only its web configuration interface is horrible, but it does not recongize most medias, the navigation between the few supported medias is horrible and incredibly slow and complicate. but also it permanently locks the files that can no more be modified, or renamed or moved as soon as they are copied to the NAS (this causes additonal failures when downloading directly to the NAS ,because it starts indexing incomplete files, locking them immediately and definiotively and causing downloads to fail: the media server MUST be disabled completely in order to manage files, and restarting it causes extremely lengthy time.

  • the media server does not work with most PC media players (and it causes lots of errors in iTunes, due to stremaing errors). In other words, the media server is too bogous to be usable, in additon to be completely proprietary and too much limited.

  • the WD backup software is completely unmanageable : there’s absolutely no way to modify an existing backup plan, unless we clear it completely

  • restauring the factory configuration of the NAS offers NO alternative other than wiping the whole content of the harddisk : this is completely unacceptable for the data that we wanted to keep safe: the NAS is absolutely not a backup storage solution as advertized.

  • the WD backup software contantly takes too much ressources on the PC, constantly saving various temporary files, in multiple and unlimited number of copies (unless we enable the automatic deletion, in which case this is no longer a true backup for our other precious files, and in this case it will constantly perform updates to check deleted files and delete them). Why there’s not even a normal and manageable scheduler is a mystery. And it lacks the possibility of backup up a full filesystem snapshot (despite the support for it is complete in Windows Vista and Seven, with the Shadow services enabled on NTFS partitions). This software serves nothing and cannot replace a true and reliable backup with manageable archives (regular full backup images and incremental updates).

  • the device installer is bogous, and install devices that are repeatedly “forgotten” by Windows because they are unstable.

  • there’s no support for iSCSI, no support for complete CIFS, no support for ACLS (so this cannot correctly backup the NTFS permissions) : this is probably due to the use of XFS instead of NTFS on the formatted disk…

  • the SSL/SSH console does not work (too many losses of session, probably a bug in the SSL implementation)

  • the file transfers on the network are incredibly slow (compared to the internal transfer rate of the embedded disk, or to the Ethernet full duplex interface speed: most probably bugs in its internal TCP/IP stack, or too strict hardware limitations of the internal memory, or a much too slow CPU, or a subquality/unoptimized kernel, or a bad configuration of its OS kernel and services).

How can you advertize such product at the price of a normal NAS ? I thought that WD was reliable (as a harddisk manufacturer) but as a network appliance manufacturer, or a software provider, all proves that WD does not know anything or uses unqualified engineers or third-party providers.

Mine is a MyBook World Edition (Blue RIngs), but I echo your frustration. I’ve used for 2 years. EMC Retrospect would stop working randomly, and need to be re-set. Mionet needed payment to use beyond a trial period, so the box claims of access from vacation were wrong.  Then suddenly 6 months ago I could not get at my backups - it decided my user name and or password were wrong. I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 and it is not supported. I cannot even delete the old folders in W7, I have to go back to XP to do so!(It is very lucky that I installed W7 on a new drive).

So, I’;ve lost some files that another piece of software deleted using its default settings under W7.

Once I get the old unusable folders deleted I will then be trying to install other software and wipe this xxxx thing of all WD software.

Additionally, WD does NOT reply to ANY support request (despite what its robots sends me back, saying that WD will reply in 24 hours, it is now 2 weeks, and 3 emails without any reply…)

WD support is completely inexistant ! This is just FUD and LIES.