MiniDLNA for 4.0x firmware?

Someone tried to install MiniDLNA on new firmware? I’ve some issue with twonky and samsung tv LE32C630 with allshare/DLNA support

What issues you’re facing? Twonky seems doing ok with my samsung tv.

I have minidlna installed but on the previous v4.*-623 and its seems to be ok too. I will try to upgrade to the latest v4 this weekend and see how it goes.

My tv cannot see any dlna server :frowning: my setup is: a lan switch that connect WDMyCloud 2TB (last firmware with twonky7)  and my samsung television.  The ps3 is able to use twonky without problems.

If I use a software like bubbleupnp my tv found DLNA:BubbleUPNP and can play something, but this approach fails 90% of times.

while I was writing right now I try to ping my television ip from my WD: unreachable. Maybe I have to solve this :smiley:

Hmm it could be compatibility issue since your tv can see bubbleupnp.

I checked that your tv is wifi-ready, other than lan, do you have the tv’s wifi module/dongle to test?

no I don’t have, the problem is in my switch, I’m fighting against openwrt. :slight_smile: I try to connect directly the tv to my wd and everything is working good! thanks! I really think that was a compatibility issue :slight_smile:

everything is working fine, my samsung tv support also mkv + sub streamed by twonky, thanks for your help!

Hi Nazar,

Could you please share the guide and associated files for the MiniDLNA installation on  v4.*-623.



I have yet to validate the installation steps for the 64k build minidlna on a stock wdmycloud. Cos mine have mixed package of wheezy, jessie and sid suites. I’ll go through these later and post the files with the install guide soon. Also my dropbox has expired, will let you guys download from my wdmycloud instead.

Thanks Nazar, I will wait.

So the Transmission package in below drop box link still can be accessed or not. I am planning to update my firmware to fw V04.01.00-408 and then want to install Transmission. Currently Transmission working fine with fw V4.00.01-623

“wget --no-check-certificate;

Any news on this mate? Would love to give MiniDLNA a try on 4x fw.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, work & family 1st :heart: :smileyvery-happy:

As promised, here it is:  [Guide] MiniDLNA v1.0.24 for firmware V4.0x.00-xxx (11/2014).


Not sure if you managed to get it from my dropbox as I recently did housekeeping. But if you haven’t, I have updated the original guide [Guide] Transmission v2.84 for firmware V4.0x.00-xxx (11/2014).

Hi guys.

I am trying to try out minidlna on the 4.0 firmware, but there seems to be a problem and the media scanning never finishes. The error in the minidlna.log reads " sql.c:41: error: SQL ERROR 19 [column OBJECT_ID is not unique]". Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

Have you tried a  service minidlna force-reload (forces cleaning the database and starting fresh) ?

Yes, I have even deleted the db file to no avail… :frowning:

There’s two version posted in my guide. Try each with a clean db see if it helps.

Thanks for the reply. I just tried version 1.1.4-1 too, but it also gives me problems. This time while scanning media, it cannot access a file according to the log. I will try deleting it and restart fresh…

Update: Some files (mp3s in my case) seem to somehow be “broken” and need to be removed for the scan to complete. Other than that, the latest version seems to be working fine. I even like Tux’s icon better than the debian one… :slight_smile: