Mini USB Broke; Want to put in a dual enclosure


The mini USB on my newly purchased 2TB Western Digital My Book has recently broken.  The My Book was not dropped; the mini USB connector just disconnected and fell inside the casing.  I looked online and am good for a warranty, but…

I also have a 1TB My Book and would love to put both of these in a dual enclosure.  I saw this:

and would really like to put both my 1TB or 2TB in this; either JBOD or BIG is perfectly fine.  I did see that this doesn’t support eSATA though… Really uneducated question here, but are My Books eSATA or SATA?  If they’re eSATA, what options do I have for dual enclosures?

Also, I’m assuming that the mini USB that broke off won’t be needed in a dual enclosure?

Thanks for the help!

I have my doublt that it will work. I think the bridge board where the connector broke has some type of hardware encryption.


So you’re saying that it’s impossible to connect My Books to a dual enclosure no matter what?

I don’t believ so I don’t think it’s a standard drive. If I remember right besides the issue with the bridge board encryption I think there is a different number of pins on the drive. Probably one of the few people here to know is fzabkar. He’s helped alot of people who have fried or damaged the board.


Thanks again for the reply.  I sent him a private message.  I also have spent the last hour searching online (and Fzabkar’s posts) about anyone who has experience trying to put Western Digital My Books in dual enclosures; I cannot find anything…

Anyone else have any knowledge with a definitive answer?  Or even better, anyone have any recommendations for how to go about putting two Western Digital My Books together??